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EGYEPTAIR IN-FLIGHT SERVICES has complied with the legislations of the civil aviation authority thus becoming a certified ground services company
(catering services) in Cairo, Hurgada, Sharm El Shiek , Borg El Arab , Alexandra, Aswan, and Abo-Simble as per legislation ECAR301 SUBPART A 301-3-C .
This legislation encompasses preparation of nutritional materials, Washing & cleaning of both catering portable equipment and on board equipment, in addition to transportation /offloading /loading of catering material to / from aircraft.Thus, EGYEPTAIR IN-FLIGHT SERVICES is the only company certified by the Civil Aviation Authority to provide catering services in Cairo and domestic catering units.





EGYPTAIR IN-FLIGHT SERVICES has contracted with Egyptian companies that have international brand names in the field of cafeterias
and restaurant management.
In addition the company has inaugurated (9) cafeterias and (2) restaurants in the new Borg El Arab airport with international brands such as
 Segafredo, Puccino's, chez edy, COFFEESHOP, Venezia, Maxim, Pascucci.
Worthy of mentioning is the capacity of the new Borg El Arab airport which is 1.2 million passengers per year.
Gradually, this capacity is to be raised to be more than five million passengers per year thus maximizing the benefits of these cafeterias and restaurants.





In the wake of Ramadan tournament of the five-a-side football which was held in Aerosport club and in which sixteen different teams participated,
EGYPTAIR IN-FLIGHT SERVICES COMPANY - headed by Eng. Mostafa Hassan El Gammal, was awarded the Five-a-side football tournament shield from
 his Excellency Air Marshal Ahmed Shafik Minister of Civil Aviation.
This was due to winning the first place in the finals and the second place in the 50 years category, the forth place in both the 35 & 45 years category.
 "The attention paid by the company to the physical fitness of its employees is considered the gateway to production increase and team work
encouragement." said Eng. Mostafa Hassan El Gammal





EGYPTAIR IN-FLIGHT SERVICES has recently undergone various audits held by international companies such as the Canadian company Medina,
 which works in accordance with Quality Assurance Program (ICQA) of the IATA.
Moreover, Korean Air, which is considered one of our largest and oldest clients- has also audited the Cairo Catering Complex,
in addition to that, Scandinavian airlines (SAS) has audited the Hurgada Catering Unit.
As for the ISO certifications, SGS - the company that awards the ISO 9001 of quality systems and ISO 22000 of food safety -
has held several audits according to which the certifications were renewed which indicates that every certification requirement is met.
Worthy of mentioning is that the audit procedures include auditing operation processes and in-flight services provided for other companies.